History Of Lanyards and Wristbands

Have you ever wondered the history of a product? Perhaps you have a special interest in a certain type of item. We at Long Street Antiques are fascinated with Lanyards and Wristbands. These two products have been little known in history over the years and yet have changed the lives of many. Lanyards can come in many different forms from plastic to fabric lanyards these can be fully customised to many different designs. This is where we start to see the effect they have on people’s lives around us. There bespoke design feature has meant that people can have them created for special events like charity events. The designs can be used for promotional reasons and that raises the awareness and therefore has helped raise millions every year for charities and kids worldwide.

How Lanyards have helped raise awareness and change history

Over the years there has been a rise of charity events that have seen hundreds of thousands of people get involved in an effort to raise much needed money for different types of people. Often at these events there is a large amount of people attending the event. This leads to many free gifts to be given out to help increase the awareness of the event. A lanyard is a very desirable free gift that these events use to give out. They are often referred to as neck straps. They are popular as they are a novel item and an item easy to pack and move for these organisers. Imaging having to transport millions of lanyards for an event if they were big and bulky. It would not be practicable and would likely fail pretty quickly.

Customised Wristbands Changing Worlds

Custom wristbands have been similar to lanyards in that they have been used for promotional purposes many times throughout the history of life. However due to the low cost to create or produce these wristbands it has already led to revolutionary wristbands being used to control door access to different parts of buildings in places like gyms. These wristbands have been a hit with many as they can be fully customised to a brand leading many to use them in marketing campaigns as well as charity events that raise money for children who need help maybe due to not having enough food or having a place to live. These wristbands have a long user life too. You find that people are still using these wristbands years after they have received them and in many cases they have multiple wristbands on one wrist. Specially since the craze of the Nike wristbands that were both for charity and creating a awareness of there brand.

Leaders in Lanyards and Wristbands

There are a number of leaders in Lanyard and wristband industry but one I have worked closely with over the years and they are well known as an amazing company for lanyards and wristbands. The company is called Lesar. I can only say how great there lanyard and wristband service was. There customer service and pre and after sales support is quite simply remarkable. We have dealt with them on a number of different type of events that have allowed us to see the full spectrum of work that they can provide. We found that every type of project was completed correctly and on time.